Victims of the ill-fated Ukrainian plane

On Thursday, Canada expressed its rejection of Tehran’s offer of compensation for the victims of the Ukrainian plane, which crashed a year ago, stressing that it has no right to determine the value alone.

A year ago, the special advisor to Canada about the Iranian army’s shooting down of the Iranian passenger plane said Canada rejected Tehran’s offer to pay $ 150,000 to the families of those killed in the tragedy.

Ralph Goodall, a liberal former Minister of Public Safety, made it clear that Iran had no right to determine the value of compensation for victims’ families solely.

Goodall told the Canadian Press Agency that the final amount would be subject to negotiations between Iran, Canada, and the other four countries whose citizens were killed on the plane.

Goodall stressed that “there is a negotiation process that has not happened yet… Therefore, it is premature to determine any number in general, because none of the other parties participating in this process had any contribution at all.”

And Iranian state television announced on December 30 that the Tehran government had allocated $ 150,000 to each family that lost someone on board the plane.

The announcement angered Canada and other countries and appeared to be aimed at tempering Iran’s mounting criticism as the first anniversary of the crash approaches.

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