Twitter shuts down Trump’s account for 12 hours.

Commenting on Washington’s situation, Twitter said it was working proactively to protect the public conversation’s health and would take action on any content that violates its laws.

The company confirmed that it has significantly restricted interaction with tweets classified within the civil integrity policy of “Twitter” due to the risks of violence, noting that it will not be possible to respond to these classified tweets, retweet, or like them.

And she continued: “This means that the US President’s account will be closed for 12 hours after removing these tweets. If the tweets are not removed, the account will remain closed.”


She stressed that future violations of Twitter’s rules, including civic integrity policies or violent threats, will lead to Trump’s account’s permanent suspension.

She explained that, due to the unprecedented and continuing violence in Washington, DC, the company requested removing three tweets that were published earlier today due to repeated and serious violations of Twitter’s civil integrity policy.

Source: “Twitter”

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