The New York Times: Trump is considering the possibility of pardoning himself

The New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump recently discussed with his aides the possibility of pardoning himself to anticipate a possible judicial punishment after his term ends on January 20.

Today, Thursday, the newspaper quoted two people familiar with the matter as saying that Trump had assured his advisers on several occasions since the day of the US presidential election (meaning the third of last November) that he was considering this option.

The newspaper reported that Trump asked his advisers whether he should take these steps and what consequences they might bring him, legally and politically.

The newspaper pointed out that this is enduring no precedent in United States history. Therefore the opinions of legal experts are contradictory regarding whether the judiciary will recognize such a presidential pardon if Trump is subjected to judicial punishment.

This report comes against the backdrop of violence and rioting that broke out yesterday, Thursday, as hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC, before the two chambers of Congress held a joint session to validate the election results, which were won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Despite these events that claimed four people’s lives, Congress approved Biden’s victory yesterday, while Democrats launched a movement to remove the president from power immediately.

Source: “The New York Times”

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