Congressional police chief resigns due to Washington events

The American “Associated Press” agency said, in urgent news a short while ago, that the Congressional police chief intends to resign from his post next week, due to the violence that took place in Washington on Wednesday.

A short while ago, the US website Axios reported that some senior officials in President Donald Trump’s administration are preparing to address any illegal or dangerous orders in the last days of his presidency.

On Wednesday evening, crowds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the police barricades around the Congress building. They went up to the main yard of the building, and waved pro-Trump flags.

They chanted slogans rejecting the results of the US presidential election, which resulted in the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

After some Trump supporters entered the building, Congressional police called on members of the House of Representatives to take gas masks from under their seats and be prepared to use them.

Trump had called on his supporters during a demonstration organized in Washington to reject the election results, to go to Congress, and events escalated in the vicinity of Congress after Trump called on his supporters to “not give up and refuse to admit defeat.”

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