What car drove Mohammed bin Salman and the Emir of Qatar

The media circulated a picture of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman driving in a car he drives in Al-Ula, accompanied by Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad.

The car that has been traded is a “Lexus LX,” and according to the official website of the car manufacturer, the minimum price for it is $ 86,000, noting that the price varies according to the specifications that are added to the car, down to the buyer’s desire.

And “Lexus” updates to the 2021 version of the LX, including providing tires with a larger size of 21 inches, with the provision of versions of the model that include three rows of seats inside.

Lexus offers the LX model for 2021, two classes for sale in the market at a different cost, the inaugural class will be available as LX570 TWO-ROW, which is a category with only two rows of seats and is offered for $ 88,300, and the highest class of the model is LX570 THREE-ROW with three rows of seats. For $ 92,875.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s cars are distinguished by luxury, as it combines an elegant exterior with strong and streamlined performance.

Source: RT

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