Top 5 scariest dental cases

There are odd predicaments that dentists encounter when they help patients. Below is a list of Top 5 scariest dental cases.

1-Wu Xiuyou

When he was 11 years old, Chinese man Wu Xiuyou had an encounter with a wolf which left him with scars for life. There are several versions of how the interaction took place.

Some sources claim that the animal viciously attacked him while others claim it simply licked his face. However, according to a recent version the animal transmitted a bacterial pathogen which caused him to develop a disease called “Noma”.

Whether he was attacked by the wolf or contracted the disease, his mouth was entirely ripped apart and his jaw was left distorted and his teeth were permanently exposed.

He went through much hardship because of his appearance. He never married, worked, or even went to school. People in his village would even make fun of him so he never had any friends.

In 2014 a team of surgeons began a massive operation of reconstructing his face, which involved 20 specialist from 10 different departments. The operation involved transferring muscle from his legs to his mouth and after that a full reconstruction on his teeth.

2-Ashik Gavai

For over 18 months, Indian teenager Ashik Gavai had been suffering from a swollen jaw and severe toothache. His parents decided to fly from their village and take him to a hospital in Mumbai.

Doctors discovered that over 200 teeth had formed in his mouth. This was due to a rare disease called “complex composite odontoma”. It’s a type of benign tumor that involves a single gum forming many teeth. It was buried deep in his lower jaw and doctors couldn’t cut through it so they used a hammer and a chisel.

The doctors then started extracting small proline teeth which were 232 of them.

3-James Mwagi

When James Mwagi was born it was clear that he was not just any ordinary baby. When his mother was breastfeeding him she felt a powerful bite and upon closer inspection she discovered she has a full set of teeth. She told her husband but he reportedly freaked out and walked away.

The mother then decided to take him to a hospital and the doctor examined him and said he had never seen anything like it.

The doctor discovered that he had 28 set of teeth. While other members in the village were concerned about his condition others believed he possessed magical powers.

4-Tooth In The Nose

For over two years an unnamed man in his late 50s had been suffering from a blocked nose and claimed he had lost his sense of smell. He was taken to a hospital in Denmark where he was taken for a sinus CTI scan and doctors discovered a tooth growing in his nostrils.

The patient had an intranasal retained tooth which is a rare disease caused by developmental problems but the irony is the patient had never suffered that in recent years.

When he was younger the man reconstructive surgery to mend his broken jaw and nose. The doctors still couldn’t find the link between the two incidents. He however recovered after the tooth was removed.

5-Angie Barlow

When Angie Marlow went to get her tooth removed doctors discovered that she had throat cancer which she later succumbed to the disease. The predicament left Angie terrified to go and visit the dentist.

The lack of upkeep and combination with her heavy smoking caused her to lose several of her top teeth and because her fear of going to the dentist was too great she decided to put them back using a super glue.

The substance had a devastating effect on the bone supporting the teeth and she lost 90% of her bone tissue. She became self conscious about her look that she used to cover her mouth with her hand even when she spoke to her son.

She had no choice but to seek professional help. A professional dog walker blew up all her savings to make sure she goes for surgery. She received good treatment and had 11 of her teeth removed and some titanium screws were inserted to repair her damaged teeth.

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