Britain: a third closure and the demand for a commitment to homes

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a third general lockdown in Britain and asked citizens to stay home to contain the most contagious mutated virus from the mother Corona.

Johnson said in a televised speech: “We must enter a new national lockdown, which is difficult but sufficient to contain the mutated virus. This means that the government is again asking residents to stay at home.”

He announced that all schools and universities will be closed and that distance education will continue until mid-February, and all restaurants, bars, and other hospitality places must close their doors from tomorrow, while restaurants will sell food for delivery or ready meals without selling alcohol, calling on citizens to Follow the new rules.

According to the World Meter website, which monitors the developments of the Corona pandemic, the total number of Coronavirus cases in Britain reached 2713563, and the total deaths 75,431.

Source: “Reuters”

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