A decision by Queen Elizabeth that “she did not think twice” … Harry is his victim

A new report released this week revealed that Queen Elizabeth rejected Prince Harry’s request to lay a wreath during Memorial Day celebrations.

The report pointed out that the Queen did not take long to think, as it took only “two seconds” to decide to exclude Harry from the ceremony that was held late last year, according to the American “New York Post” newspaper.

But Harry and his wife Megan Markle did not miss this memory without appearing in front of the cameras, as they laid flowers alone in Los Angeles National Cemetery, in what was mostly considered a publicity stunt.

In an attempt to justify Harry’s absence from Memorial Day, palace officials initially said that the decision to exclude Harry came without discussing the matter with the Queen. Still, the Daily Mail confirmed that she knew, and she was the one who rejected his request personally and quickly.

A source told the newspaper, “Memorial Day is a sacred day for the Queen. It is one of the most important days in her calendar, and nothing is done without her knowledge.”

Another source confirmed this account to the Daily Mail, noting that the Queen shows great admiration for Harry’s accomplishments both inside and outside the military. Still, his desire to leave the royal family means his complete separation from the throne and that he is no longer part of the institution.

A source close to the family indicated to the newspaper that the Queen has made it clear that she does not want to leave Harry and Megan and that they are still very much loved by her family and have their support.

After leaving England to stay at the Montsetto Palace in the United States, Harry and his wife Megan signed a contract with Netflix and Spotify worth $ 130 million to prepare a documentary series.

It is noteworthy that at eleven o’clock in the morning on November 11 of every year, people in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries stand a minute of silence in mourning for the souls of those soldiers and civilians who were killed in World War II.

In central London, the Queen, accompanied by members of the royal family, politicians, and veterans, places a wreath of poppies at the monument.

This day is also known as Poppy Blossom Day because of the famous poem “In Flanders Fields,” which mourns the soldiers who perished and talked about the growth of the poppy flower in the battlefields where the dead were killed.

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