Ronaldo présente un cadeau à Omar Al Somah (vidéo et photos)

The Syrian international, Omar Al-Somah, the top scorer of Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia, published two pictures and a video clip on his account in “Instagram,” documenting his receipt of a gift Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian star of Juventus.

The video shows Al Somah opening a gift from Ronaldo, and it turned out to be a shirt for the Portuguese star with the “old lady,” bearing the signature of “Don” and written in English in handwriting: “To Omar Al Somah.”

Al-Somah also published two pictures, one of Ronaldo with the shirt before he sent it, and one for the Somah after receiving the gift. Al-somah commented, saying: “Everyone has a person in his field who considers him his ideal, and Cristiano is my idol for the perfect player, thank you, Ronaldo.”



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