A sea mine… The Iraqi authorities prevent a real disaster in international waters

The Iraqi authorities announced a ship’s evacuation in international waters after a large marine mine attached to it.

The Iraqi Security Information Cell stated that a SOMO ship was rescued in international waters, to which a foreign body was attached.

The cell said, in a statement, that a foreign object was observed attached to one of the ships in the ship waiting area in international waters, 28 nautical miles from our oil ports in front of the Iraqi ports.

She added that it was found that this ship was chartered from the SOMO Oil Marketing Company, and next to it, another ship that refueled from it. Immediately a team for handling explosives was formed from the Ministry of Interior, and it was transported by air to the FAO, in coordination with the Iraqi Naval Force.

She added that the team headed to the ship in question, and despite the high and intense wave movement, it was able to evacuate the other ship and keep the ship that showed a large marine mine attached to it.

He pointed out that the treatment team is still working to neutralize this mine and evacuate the target ship, and our naval forces are making a great effort with the treatment team to accomplish this mission.

International shipping in the Arabian Gulf is subject to constant threats from the pro-Iranian Houthi militia and the threats posed by Tehran itself.

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