The 10 living creatures found in the human body

Many extraordinary things happen in the human body, some of which appear to have sprung from a horror story without being less real. Man can harbor in his body creatures which can repel the most sensitive among us!
Having a spider inside your ear, or even a worm that tastes your brain is certainly not appetizing! We are therefore going to discover together The 10 living creatures found in the human body.

Tapeworm has lived in the intestines for years.

Source: ScienceDirect

Let’s start with what is most common and can happen to any of us: Tapeworm in the intestines. Better known as tapeworm, this type of tapeworm lives inside the intestines and eats whatever is eaten by people with this disease during the day.

This is why these people are usually skinny and fail to gain weight. So, rapid weight loss can be a symptom of this disease. Many people have had this type of worm in the gut in the past. But the situation is still quite repulsive! Especially since the worms are alive!

But where does this parasite found in organism come from?

This is especially true when we know that the tapeworm can live up to 40 years and reach 10 meters long in just three months. It’s even possible to live a life without even realizing it.

You may be wondering how a person can be affected by this disgusting disease? It’s simple; meat is the cause. But not just any. These worms are transmitted through meat infected with live larvae.

Usually, beef and pork can cause tapeworm. Raw or undercooked meat can also develop a worm in an individual’s gut. Today, the longest tapeworm that has ever been found in a human body was 25 meters long.

A worm in the brain for 4 years

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A worm in the gut is already very disturbing, but a worm living in the brain is sheer madness! Especially when this worm doesn’t mind burrowing inside the brain and laying its eggs.

But don’t worry, it’s. scarce

Also, we find this type of worm much more often in amphibians and crustaceans of China. This worm is part of the tapeworm family, and as loathsome as it sounds, thankfully, it is rare! Because it only happened to about 300 people since 1958, reassuring, right?

However, in 2008 a 50-year-old Briton was not part of the exception; on the contrary, he lived for almost 4 years with this worm, which bears the name of, hold on tight: Spirometra erinaceieuropaei. His worm was barely 1 cm tall but gave him indescribable headaches. Of course, with the surgery, he was able to get by, but not without damage.

Indeed, this man experienced several memory losses because of this worm as well as epileptic seizures. Presumably, this man must have had this worm during one of his visits to his native China.

A parasitic worm in a human organism: the eye

Source: express

Worms don’t just develop in the gut or the brain; they can infiltrate all parts of the human body, even the eyes! A situation that is rare but not unique. In India, 75-year-old PK Krishnamurthy experienced it in 2012.

After having had redness and irritation, he decided to consult. To his surprise, he discovered a worm inside his 13cm long eye. He immediately undergoes an operation to extract it so that the worm does not commit the irreparable: blind its host.

In 2017, a Mexican teenager harbored an almost similar parasitic worm in his eye that was hollowing out his retina and iris. Unfortunately, the young boy did not make it unscathed, as he has never regained normal sight since the worm embedded itself in his eye.

The most terrible thing is that nothing explains such a phenomenon apart from the infected food, which allows the worms to grow and sneak up to reach the individual’s eye.


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