New Yorkers are under attack from this feisty animal

From the Coronavirus pandemic to home quarantine, through snowstorms, the year 2020 was full of challenges for residents of New York City, but the surprises are not over yet, as they are currently facing violent squirrel attacks.

Residents of Rego Park in Queens, east of New York, complained of many squirrel attacks in recent months, and even a woman was hospitalized after it injured her in her hand because of an accident, according to local media.

“He bit or scratched me in the neck,” Micheline Frederick, who was attacked by a squirrel last week, told a local radio station.

The woman’s hands were covered in blood, and she had to receive a rabies vaccine as a precaution, according to Agence France-Presse.

Another woman living in the area explained that she was carrying “pepper spray” with her to defend herself in case of squirrels attacked her.

And the New York authorities advised residents to seek the help of specialists to manage this problem related to the local livestock.

And local authorities said in a statement that “squirrels and other small rodents are rarely carriers of rabies.”

And the New York Parks Department warned residents not to distribute food to squirrels, as this leads to them getting used to contacting with humans.

Source: Sky News

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