the new album, Jul offers himself the best start on Spotify… in the world

Rapper Jules is accustomed to recordings, and he had a very exceptional performance. With his new album “Loin du Monde,” Jul is enjoying the best start on Spotify … in the world!

In all, the Marseille rapper achieved 21,446 sales of his album just three days after its release. Amazing performance.


Jul achieves best album startup on Spotify.

Source: MTV

To end the year in style, the Marseille rapper Jul, Friday, December 18th, released his new album, Far From The World, but it would have been better for him to call it Far In Front Of Everyone. And not without reason!

With this new album, Jul made the world’s best start on Spotify, between December 18-20. Great success! The Swedish broadcasting service itself has published the news on the Twitter account “Spotify Charts.”

More than 21,000 sales in three days.
Thus, the artist ranks ahead of the Mexican group Eslabon Armado but is also ahead of Paul McCartney, whose new album “McCartney III” has just been released. After all, Jul 21446 made a huge sale in just three days of operation, 11119 of which were streaking.


Other French artists start in the top 10 of the best albums on Spotify.

Source: Le Parisien

So we must think that Jul’s new album “Loin du Monde” is a real success. Fans of the rapper were able to discover 18 titles and 11 guests, including Phenom Wejdene, SCH, Gazo, Naps, Le Rat Luciano, and L’Algérino.

However, Juul is not the only French artist ranked in the Top 10 for Best Beginning Album on Spotify. In fact, Alpha Wann was ranked third thanks to his blockbuster Don Dada Mixtape.

Landy is in fifth place with A-One.

And that’s not all! We also find Landy with the A-One in fifth place. Finally, Vlad and Heuss L’enfoiré with Horizon Vertical took sixth place. Consequently, many internet users are happy with French rap music’s place on the international stage. “The place of French rap in the world is incredible,” we can read in particular.


Jul achieves Best Starts for Album on Spotify: People Respond.

Others interacted with Jul’s success on the streaming platform, too. Indeed, a Twitter user commented on the artist’s accomplishments using the famous adage: “Men lie, but numbers don’t lie.”

Another guy wrote about Juul’s album, “Out of the World His Name Is Appropriate” However, some netizens, for their part, were a little more suspicious of them.

French rap seduces.

“Really strange … Nobody will make me think that the numbers are not fake … It is the first in France. Then 3 French rappers in the top 10 in the world, does that surprise, anyone?” User wrote.

One person replied, “I think you don’t realize the digital popularity of the French rapper.” Yes, French rap is winning the world over and over.



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