Neymar ignites anger in Brazil, due to the 5 nights party and the 500 guests

A press report revealed that the French star of Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team Neymar decided to hold a big party in his palace in Brazil to celebrate the end of the year and the New Year, with the presence of hundreds of guests.

The famous Brazilian newspaper “Globo” stated, in a report published during the past hours, that Neymar intends to organize a grand party at his palace in Rio de Janeiro. The concert will start on December 27th and will continue for 5 days until the end of the 31st of this month, with the presence of 500 Those close to him, without paying attention to the current difficult conditions that Brazil is going through due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, and that it is among the countries most affected with the United States of America and India.

And international reports revealed in the past hours that Neymar, who is currently in his country after obtaining Christmas leave in France, and the French League championship was suspended, is being subjected to a strong campaign of criticism in the Brazilian media, and the anger of a large number of Brazilians, because of this behavior, and even from Supporters of Paris Saint-Germain, who considered what the Brazilian is doing betrays great irresponsibility, as well as a flood of criticism from Brazilians, through social media, in a country that has suffered a lot in its suffering with the Coronavirus epidemic with about 7.5 million cases so far, and more Of 190,000 deaths, the numbers have naturally increased in recent weeks, on par with other countries in the world.

Details of the 5 nights party

According to the newspaper “Globo,” Neymar has contracted with a famous band to entertain his guests over the course of the party nights. The celebrations will be in a nightclub built by the player underground in his palace, similar to Barcelona’s amusement park, equipped with sound insulation. The loud noise does not arouse the resentment of the neighbors.

The cabaret is inspired by the nightclubs that Neymar used to frequent around the beach of “Barcelona” during his time at Camp Nou with Barcelona. It includes dance halls, bars, a DJ theater, a games room, and other video games, which are the amenities that this place provides that guests can Brazilian star enjoying it.

At the head of the guests at the party will be the player’s sister, Rafaela Santos, who has always been present at the talented striker’s celebrations over the past years.

The guests who were invited to attend the ceremony were informed not to use cell phones in the celebration so that the invitees would not be able to take pictures and video clips and publish them on social networks. Neymar had requested the same from the guests of his birthday party organized at the beginning of this year. In Paris.

To provide places during the five days for all his guests, Neymar rented one of the houses adjacent to his farm and his mansion, at about 5,000 euros per day.

In addition to his skills in handling the ball and being one of the world’s best players, Neymar is known for his loud parties and celebrations without any interest, on many of these occasions, in the role expected of him as a high-level soccer player.

Source: “As”

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