Ssebabi: Ugliest man marries a third woman


Another proof that love triumphs over everything. Ugandan comedian Godfrey Bajuma nicknamed “Ssebabi,” nicknamed “the ugliest man in the world,” has just married a third woman with great pomp. Lovebirds look very happy in the photos that sparked social networks with comments and congratulations.

Now, 47-year-old Godfrey Bajuma, who is said to be suffering from a rare and unknown illness, his second wife Kate Namenda, 30, welcomed a child a few years ago. Comedian Baguma won the less favored title in 2002 after competing to win money for the family.

A new companion to the ugliest man in Uganda. Godfrey Bajuma, nicknamed Sebabi, married his second wife after divorcing the first. Wedding videos speak for themselves on the Internet.

“Ssebabi” means “the ugliest ever,” and Godfrey Baguma has been called due to his physical appearance. Although he is not one of those guys whose features attract girls, the Ugandan actor has managed to get some of them right. After his first life as a couple ended, he put the ring on another woman’s finger.

Before his marriage to Kate, Godfrey had two children from his first wife, but their marriage ended when he found her cheating on him. Ssebabi is the father of seven children. He got his nickname “Ssebabi” after winning the Ugliest Man contest. He lives in Kiyazanga in the Lingo District and has just married his third wife.

Of their romance, his second wife, now first lady Kate Namande said: “Once you find a man who is right for you, don’t listen to what other people say. Listen to your heart. Money and physical appearance shouldn’t be a problem ”.

I stayed with her for 4 years before her friends knew who I was. I didn’t want them to see me before we had a baby because they definitely advised her to leave me (…) She left me when she was 6 months pregnant, but I think she accepted her fate because she came back two months later (…) I told her that I did not choose my appearance and that if I am a burden for her, she is free to leave, “Godfrey explained.

Former shoemaker, Godfrey Baguma aka “Ssebabi,” plays today with his unique looks, earns a living, and does concerts and comedies.


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