What did Sibyl Baba Vanga expect for 2021?

The year 2020 turns the world upside down, but anyone hoping to have a rest in 2021 may have to think again, at least according to the predictions of the famous blind Bulgarian sibyl Baba Vanga.

Sibyl Baba Vanga








A report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed the most prominent predictions of the late Bulgarian fortune-teller for the year 2021, predicting that the world will suffer many disasters in the coming year, pointing to a “powerful dragon” who will take over the earth, and people will be divided according to their beliefs.

She said, “We will witness devastating events that will change the fate of humanity.”

However, the positivity in the predictions of the fortune-teller who died in 1996 at 85 is that the world will discover in 2021 a cure for cancer, as she said: “The day will come when cancer is tied with iron chains.”

The fortune-teller claimed that the outgoing US president in 2021 (and it later turned out to be Donald Trump) would suffer from deafness and a serious illness this year, and Europe would face a chemical attack by militants.

And the fortuneteller predicted that the sky of Russia would witness the appearance of a giant meteorite.

Source: Daily Mail+ RT

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