Saad Lamjarred “LM3ALLEM” in the elections against his will!!

The Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred found himself in the midst of the local legislative elections in Morocco after members of the Progress and Socialist Party had quoted the melodies of his song “I am Mashi Sahil” and replaced her with other words that sing to the party. The transmitted song was broadcast at a rally in the party’s election campaign.

Internet users exchanged a video of the rhetorical gathering and several party members clapping to the beat of the melodies of Saad Lamjarred‘s song, as the party’s youth changed the title of the song from “I Mashi Sahil” to “Al-Maqoul Mashe Sahil.”

And his business manager announced the insertion of his name, surprised that Saad into a party song, especially since he did not belong to any party.

However, the discontent did not reach the point of considering a lawsuit against the party, because party officials contacted him and announced their apology and that the matter was not intended.

He accepted just for an apology and it ended there.

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