Cristina Cordula posted a photo with long hair

On Instagram, Cristina Cordula shares a photo of herself still a young debut model. At that time, the current TV host had long hair.

This did not fail to surprise a good number of Internet users. After all, Cristina Cordula is now well known for her petite cut.

Cristina Cordula posts a photo with long hair and surprises Internet users!

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Cristina Cordula, the popular presenter of the show “The Queens of Shopping,” recognizable among a thousand, with her smile and her little boyish cut, very short, has not changed her look in years.

When Cristina Cordula posted a photo on Instagram where she is in her twenties, she is barely recognizable, internet users were amazed. And for a good reason! The photo showed the young model from the 80s, with long hair!

  • A big difference

In the caption of her photo, Cristina Cordula wrote: “Once upon a time … when I had long hair …”. Not surprisingly, comments on the social network have rocketed from everywhere. Yes, Internet users were so amazed by the big difference between Cristina Cordula before and today that they did not fail to show it to her.

Unrecognizable Cristina Cordula with long hair.

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We can read in the many comments: “We barely recognize you …”, “it looks like it’s not the same person.” Still, others have said, “I prefer you with short hair,” “I prefer long hair.”

Other internet users have said: “beautiful with long hair as well as with short hair,” “very beautiful before and now too,” or “as long as short, it suits you very well.”

Delightful comments

We can say that the customer comments are very flattering and must please the former model. However, we remind you that this is not the first time she posted such a photo on her account. Indeed, on Thursday, November 26, the presenter has already shared a photo with long hair … To say that she likes to surprise her fans!

The history of Cristina Cordula’s haircut.

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Besides, if Cristina Cordula no longer wears long hair and now has a short haircut, it is for a reason. In fact, when she started as a model, Cristina Cordula struggled to break into her field. She did not find the success she wanted, even though she did everything to stand out.

“I was lost, I had no money, I missed my family very much, I was twenty years old, and then I fell in Milan on my hairdresser from Brazil,” She already confided during an interview with TV Grandes Chains magazine.

A short haircut that brought him luck

She explains that this hairdresser had said to her then: “But Cristina, you know why you don’t work? Because with this haircut you’re old-fashioned! This long square does not fit at all, it looks low-end, you have to cut it short! “.

Thanks to her atypical look, she was then quickly spotted by a Parisian agency. She hasn’t changed her hairstyle since. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that long hair looks just as well on Cristina Cordula.

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