Watch the old woman striptease addict “Fifi Abdou” without makeup “from her bedroom and a shocking look!

The controversial Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdou published a short video of her that caused an uproar, in which she appeared from her room and sends a message to reassure her followers about her health, and denouncing the rumors that have circulated recently about her health, which promoted her death as well.

What is striking in the video is the appearance of Fifi Abdou without make-up, as her shape differed completely from the previous looks and shocking to her fans, as she appeared in pajamas from her bedroom?

Fifi Abdou commented on the video, saying: “Oh good evening, and jasmine from Egypt, the mother of the world. I am well, praise be to God.

This came after Fifi Abdou appeared, for the first time, directly with her followers and fans, since she was exposed to a health problem and the rumors that spread recently about her death.

Fifi Abdou, on the stories, feature through her official account of the Instagram application of photos and short videos, published pictures with effects that showed her face greatly, to flirt with her audience, saying, “This is the puff of shame.”

The rumor of the death of the artist, Fifi Abdou, swept several pages on various social media, coinciding with the spread of news of her illness, which made some people exploit this news to spread false rumors about her death.

Fifi Abdou went out a few hours ago in a video of herself, to communicate with her followers and talk to them, saying, “Ashtat Asalat Folat is from Egypt, the mother of the world … I want to tell you which way I love you.”

This comes after, Fifi Abdou confirmed that she has been receiving treatment for 6 months and refuses to announce it, showing that when her health improved, she announced and the picture posted on her Facebook is old and not at the present time.

Fifi added, during a telephone interview with the “Ninth” program on Channel One, with media professionals Wael Al-Ibrashi and Najwa Ibrahim, “I said for 6 months I was treated and I didn’t say, I couldn’t move, no reason or anything, coming down from the bed, something that pressed my nerve and her pain is terrible. Very, when I remained good, it was necessary to reassure my fans, and I am not of this degree, I sit and talk and everything.

And the artist, Fifi Abdou, previously published a video clip on her Instagram account, through which she revealed the nature of the health problem she is going through.

“I am not in a hospital-like there are people who write,” Fifi said.

And she continued: “But I need to pray to people, and it is forbidden for those who write very many rumors to know about me, but your peace is high and pray to me, our Lord heal me and heal every patient, and it falls and goes away, God willing.”

The artist, Fifi Abdou, raised the concern of her followers after broadcasting a video clip, days ago, in which she asked her audience to pray, and that she was hiding her illness during the last period, and before that, she appeared in a veil in a video clip confirming her exposure to a severe cold that led to her inability to move.

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