Is the vaccine effective against the new strain of Corona? .. The German Minister of Health answers

German Health Minister Jens Young confirmed the effectiveness of vaccines that have been reached so far against the new strain of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”, which was discovered in Britain.

Today, Monday, the British government announced the Dover port’s closure due to the new mutation in the emerging coronavirus, “Covid-19”.

While the British government decided to hold a crisis meeting today, Monday, to discuss a travel ban due to a new mutation in the Coronavirus.

Yesterday, Sunday, the European Council held a meeting of representatives of member states of the European Union to discuss the situation with the newly discovered Corona Covid 19 strain in the United Kingdom and related measures, according to a source in government institutions of the European Union.

The source told reporters that European Council President Charles Michel convened the meeting to exchange information on the latest developments related to the new rapidly spreading Covid 19 variant.

And in the UK, large parts of southeast England, including London, are now subject to a new and stricter level of restrictions to curb the fast-spreading virus.

And European countries, including Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium, announced that they would stop flights and travel from the United Kingdom. Measures vary and are generally short-lived.

An EU meeting will be held on Monday morning to discuss a more coordinated response.

Countries are imposing a UK travel ban on a new variant.

The Dutch move came after tests carried out on samples taken in the Netherlands earlier this month revealed the same new type of coronavirus reported in the United Kingdom.

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