Breakfast on the clouds … Saudis sleeping in the sky in an imaginary view | Video

Winter is getting colder, and with it, the “Schechta” goes away in an atmosphere far from the noise of the city, closer to the tranquility of nature and enjoying its picturesque views and its attractive breezes. About the wildfires, Saudis meet with their loved ones on popular camping trips.

Citizens are constantly looking for the best and most enjoyable places to erect their “diaspora,” often in the desert or between the Kingdom’s mountains.

And a video clip spread through the Twitter site, which raised eyebrows and admiration among users, as it documented an imaginary moment of the “Once” session above the clouds, where it seemed as if the hikers had spread out over the sky and sat chatting between the corners of nature.

In the video clip, several hikers are seen sleeping on a mountain peak within the Al-Souda heights in the Asir governorate, surrounded by clouds everywhere in an amazing, imaginary view.

The video clip achieved thousands of views on social networking sites under the slogan “Kashta Above the Clouds,” as users expressed their admiration for this imaginary scene.

What is Scratch?

On “Kashta” trips, Saudis practice camping habits and move from city climates to nature to spend an enjoyable time with friends and doctors in the desert. These trips include dark sessions accompanied by fire flames in burning wood, which restore peace and serenity to souls.

Usually, the Saudis take with them on those trips cooking tools to prepare the “Kabsa” dish in the traditional way, which is cooked on wood, followed by drinking coal tea, a tea with a wild flavor that gives a glow to the natural atmosphere around them.

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