Man fakes disability to force women to change diapers

Some people are ready to do anything to satisfy their fantasies, even if it means pretending to be what they are not and manipulating the people around them. This is the case of Rutledge Deas, a 30-year-old man from the United States. The latter simulated a physical and mental handicap, with several nurses, to be pampered like a baby.
In fact, all the 30-something wanted was for women to change their soiled diapers because it turned him on sexually. A twisted fantasy earned him 5 years of probation following complaints from the nurses, who discovered the deception.

The man who faked a disability to get his diaper changed is well prepared.

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Rutledge Deas, nicknamed Rory Deas, has used an unthinkable ploy to satisfy a fantasy, to say the least, unusual. Indeed, the man simulated a physical and mental handicap so that women change his diapers. To succeed, the latter made an ad on a babysitting and daycare application, posing as the brother of “Cory,” an imaginary character who was nobody other than himself.

Separately, in the ad, the man wrote that he was looking for a woman to take care of his 18-year-old baby brother Cory. Having indicated that Cory was a sick and mentally disabled teenager, he pointed out that his care also involved keeping him clean; and thus, to change his soiled diapers.

A pervert in action

This is how Deas managed to fool several women, who thought that the latter was called Cory. Believing they were doing the right thing, the latter repeatedly changed his diapers, without suspecting for a single second that the man was pretending to have a disability. Among his victims was a 20-year-old student who one day unmasked Deas.

The mistrust of a nurse caused the loss of the man.

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Indeed, the student, who received her pay via the Apple application, discovered the truth when Deas tried to change his means of payment. Distrustfully, she thus examined the man’s profile on the new payment platform and saw an exchange of money between Deas and another man.

Out of curiosity, she checked this man’s group of friends on Facebook and found a profile by the name of “Rory Deas.” This is how she knew that Rory Deas and Cory were the same people, which prompted him to call the police. A real stroke of luck!

During the search of Rory’s home, police found that the man was faking his disability to have his diapers changed and that he was taking illicit substances. In total, the man fooled at least 4 women, who changed him several times.

A man pretending to have a disability to get a diaper changed traumatized women.

Moreover, all of them feel betrayed and say they are outraged by Rory’s lies. In this sense, one of them said that she would no longer trust people like before. For her part, the student said she was traumatized by the idea of ​​having changed the diapers of a 30-year-old man.

Deas justifies his act by seeking comfort.

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To justify his actions, Deas said he suffered trauma as a child. So, being treated like a baby soothed her. However, his explanation was not unanimous.

According to the prosecutor, Deas’s act towards his wives is justified by a diaper fetishism and twisted fantasies. Indeed, the student said that when she changed her adult diapers, the man showed an excitement. Following this, Rory pleaded guilty to four counts of human trafficking; possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

Man who stimulated disability sentenced to 5 years probation

Thus, he was sentenced to 5 years of probation. Also, he will have to perform 400 hours of community service. At the same time, the judge ordered him to stay away from social networks. Also, Deas will have to follow some sexual health advice to get rid of his bizarre fantasy.

Certainly, for some, all means are good to achieve their ends. Hopefully, the sick guards can overcome their trauma for their part.

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