The 10 strongest people in the world

From Olivier Richters, did “The Dutch Giant” to Gabi Garcia, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion.

Olivier Richters.


However, he soon realized that the sport was not for him, and he preferred to turn to the body. When he started weight training, Olivier weighed only 85 kg. He quickly built up muscles. However, his health was hampering him.

In fact, Olivier suffers from “pectus excavatum” or “funnel thorax.” It is a congenital disability that causes depression of the anterior chest wall. And therefore an abnormal development of the ribs and the sternum.

Serious consequences

Olivier experienced some heart problems due to his heart’s wrong position and size smaller than normal, which required surgery. A long recovery followed, which caused her to lose some weight.

However, this handicap never stopped him from hanging on to his dreams and giving up. Motivated more than ever, our bodybuilder managed to recover. And with training, protein, and calories, his weight has increased dramatically.

Today, Olivier Richters spends most of his time managing his business. And he continues to conquer his other dreams, including that of becoming an actor. But also a professional wrestler from the World Wrestling Federation.

Sajad Gharibi, one of the strongest people on the planet.

Source: bonjour

Iranian Sajad Gharibi is undoubtedly one of the most passionate bodybuilders. At only 28 years old, this Iranian is immense!

With a height of 1.86 m, a chest circumference of 170 cm, and a weight that exceeds 180 kg, the “Iranian Hulk,” as he is nicknamed, is proud of his biceps, which he loves to display on social networks. In November 2019, it was announced that the Iranian would engage in “bare-knuckle fighting,” a variation of hand-to-hand boxing.

Nikolay Valuev.

Source: sports bible

Not far from Iran, in Russia more precisely, lives Nikolay Valuev, one of the most famous giants on the planet. A giant, yes, but glandular dysfunction is the reason for this 47-year-old Russian boxer’s astonishing height.

From the height of his 2.13 m, Nikolay Valuev impresses by his size and weight, which is around 150 kg, and by… his size, which would be 54, according to several sources! His size and incredible strength have earned him many nicknames, including “the Russian giant.”

Career change

After dabbling in basketball and then discus throwing, he eventually found what he was looking for through boxing. At 19, while working as a security guard, he stepped into a ring for the first time. And after a few amateur fights, he turns professional.

With his 50 victories in 53 fights, the Russian has become a boxing legend with his two heavyweight world champion titles. Now retired, Nikolay Valuev still has sport in his blood.

However, on the other side of the ropes, he leads the Russian bandy or Russian hockey team. And he became the co-host of Fort Boyard in its Russian version. In April 2010, he entered politics by joining the “United Russia” party. And he was elected deputy to the Duma during the Russian legislative elections of 2011. Unbeatable, therefore!

Brian Shaw is one of the strongest men.

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His name is Brian Shaw, he’s American, and he’s won the title of “World’s Strongest Man” four times. And it’s not for nothing! In 2013, for example, he successfully lifted a 442.5 kg dumbbell during the 36th edition of the “World’s Strongest Man” competition held in China.

Well then! But this performance, the 38-year-old weightlifter owes it to the 12,000 calories he manages to consume daily. This real muscle-building machine could count on a dietician’s help to establish its daily meal plan, which consists of … 7 meals a day!

Result: almost 200 kg for a height of 2.03 m. Thanks to his size, he even got a role in the movie Kickboxer: The Legacy, in which he played a GI-GAN-TESQUE prisoner! Not bad!


The 10 strongestthe world
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