A mysterious man runs a complex network of companies … A newspaper reveals the name of the owner of the “pornhub” website

The British newspaper “Financial Times” revealed the name of the owner of the porn site “Burnhub” and said that he is a businessman called Bernard Bergmar.

Bergmar, whose identity was kept secret prior to the newspaper’s report, was described as a “shadowy businessman” who ran a “complex network of subsidiaries”.

Businessman Bernard Bergmar owns the MindGeek group, which runs major porn sites including Pornhub, Word Tube and U-Born, according to the newspaper’s report.

The newspaper said Bergmar’s name was known only in a “small circle” of Mindgeek strongmen as of the report’s release.

Before the Financial Times report was published, a Google search result showed only three results for the name Bergmar, according to Business Insider.

BornHub declined to comment, saying it “does not discuss financial information.” A company spokesman has yet to confirm the identity of the owner after several requests, according to Insider.

Bergmar owns shares in most of Mind Geek’s subsidiaries, allowing him to be the largest beneficiary of the group. The report said it pays licensing fees for a “complex network of subsidiaries” and owes them millions of dollars in profits.

The newspaper mentioned that the ambiguity surrounding the company’s funding also includes management, and many of the executives on the company’s records do not appear in Internet searches, leaving little or no trace of their identity.

A previous investigation of the newspaper found no evidence of Bourn Hub executives as was reported in press releases and news articles.

And BornHub recently removed all the videos sent to it from unverified sources, and those videos were most of the site’s content, after MasterCard and Visa suspended their services to the site.

The move came after an article in the “New York Times” newspaper reported that there are some child pornography on the pornhub site, and accused the site of not doing enough to remove child pornography and sex trafficking content.

Sex trafficking victims filed a $ 40 million lawsuit against Mind Geek on December 15, and the group recorded more than $ 460 million in revenue in 2018.

Google data showed that the number of people who searched for Born Hub was more than those who searched for the Corona virus in the past month.

When you search on Google for MindGeek, it turns out that it is a Canadian company and its owner is a Canadian born in Damascus whose name is Firas Antoun.

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