Someone filling Turkish café seats with dolls to fill the customers’ void- (photos)

Bursa: Two brothers who own a coffee shop in the state of Bursa, northwestern Turkey, devised an exciting way to fill the café seats after customers were empty, within the framework of the restrictions imposed to prevent Corona virus.

The two brothers Harun and Nasha, in the Nilofar district, put dolls and toys on the seats inside the café, in a move to draw a positive scene in his spare customers, and to present these toys to children later, after the ban on receiving social facilities for customers was lifted.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Nasha Kaya said that the café currently continues its services, only through delivery services abroad, without receiving customers, as part of compliance with anti-Corona restrictions.

She added that they had invented the idea of ​​putting toys on the seats in the seat, to change the negative atmosphere resulting from the cafe being empty of customers, and to draw the attention of those coming to it, that they should not sit on it.

She indicated that there are currently 30 dolls in the café, distributed among the seats in it.

She explained that this step attracted the attention of many passers-by, while some photographed it.

And “Kaya” reported that after the lifting of restrictions on receiving customers in social facilities, these toys and games will be donated to needy children to put a smile on their faces.

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