Next week … a US official announces the date Biden will receive the Corona vaccine

Today, Thursday, a US official said that President-elect Joe Biden might receive the Coronavirus vaccine next week.

CNN quoted well-informed sources as saying that Biden does not feel hesitant about this step, but his team is preparing to prepare Biden to receive the vaccine live.

Yesterday evening, “Rick Bright,” a member of Biden’s coronavirus team, said in statements to “CNN that Biden” does not necessarily want to present it to the rest … rather he wants to make sure that the limited doses of the vaccine are available to all people. Who needs it the most. ”

Bright said that among the most vulnerable will receive the doses, health care workers and people in long-term care facilities.

He pointed out that the move demonstrates Biden’s confidence in the vaccine and that he wishes to do so publicly. So that people knew he was very confident in the outcome, and he indicated there

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