Finding Maradona’s Priceless Chest … What’s in it?

Diego Maradona is still occupying the world despite the passage of weeks since his departure, as a box that had been in limbo for a long time was found containing hundreds of souvenirs of the Argentine football legend, which will constitute a treasure for collectors as well as a new struggle over his legacy.

The box, which was in a warehouse in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, contained jerseys from Brazilian Ronaldo, Sergio Agüero, Harry Kane and Hristo Stoichkov, as well as balls from Barcelona, ​​Napoli and Boca Juniors, and a metal plate donated by FIFA.

The box also contains T-shirts worn by Maradona and gifts from political leaders who admired the Argentine legend.

These gifts include the Brazil national team shirt bearing the name of former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, as well as a message from the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

“I have passed the most difficult tests that an athlete and a young man of humble origins will face,” Castro wrote to Maradona.

A box of this value attracted the attention of the judicial authorities, and a source close to the Maradona family stated that the authorities recorded its contents.

“There is only one key to the fund, and it is in the possession of the legal authorities,” the source said.

The value of these items is difficult to appreciate, but the sporting memorabilia of a player considered by many to be the best in history is worth a fortune.

“Diego asked me to find the box and said that all of its contents belong to Diego, but nothing has been formally written, so it concerns all children equally,” said Mario Baudre, a lawyer representing Maradona’s son Diego.

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