Tested positive for Covid-19, On a TikTok video, he proves his loss of taste

Loss of taste is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. This is what a 30-year-old American who tested positive for the coronavirus decided to prove.

In a video that went viral on TikTok, he drank lemon juice, munched on an onion, and ate garlic paste. Of course, no unpleasant sensation was felt by this American.

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Russell Donnelly, a 30-year-old American from New Jersey in the United States , has tested positive for Covid-19: “I am currently positive for Covid-19 and I cannot taste anything,” he explained.

“Everyone tells me to try and eat nasty stuff, but there’s nothing bad about me. So I figured I’d eat something a little strong or tangy to see what it looks like. ”

A unique experience

Thus, we can see the coronavirus positive man testing his taste on TikTok by biting into a red onion. Then swallow a small glass of lemon juice as a shot. And finally, finish the tasting with a garlic paste.

American tested positive for Covid-19 tests loss of taste.

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Nothing, nothing, and nothing, he repeats with each bite, his face impassive. Also, the American exclaims in full video: “It’s a crazy disease! “.

By sharing the video, Russell Donnelly wanted to show the virus’s direct consequences on the loss of taste. “To all those who think that the Covid is a fake, or not so serious, know that I am lucky to have only this symptom,” he said.

A video that has gone viral.

He also assures us: “I am lucky to be able to shed light on my personal situation. But overall this virus should not be taken lightly as it is truly deadly. I am young, and I have no pre-existing problems ”.

Unsurprisingly, this video allowed him to reach over 40,000 subscribers on the TikTok application. After all, the clip quickly went viral and garnered more than 17.4 million views on the social network.

The American tested positive for Covid-19 retries the experiment.

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And faced with this success, the man decided to try the same experience again, planning to make other videos. He wants to eat sardines, baby food, or even mustard.

So in another video, we see him brushing his teeth before drinking orange juice, biting into “the onion from two days ago,” continuing with balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and finally a piece of raw lemon.

The importance of wearing the mask

And that’s not all! In a third video, the American tested positive and lost his taste continues his challenge on TikTok by trying an Oreo stuffed with wasabi. Result: “Still no flavor in the mouth,” but “apart from that, I’m 100%,” he explained. Although the videos were less popular and didn’t receive as many views as the first, the effect remains impressive.

The American ended his streak by explaining that he had been lucky to have only had this symptom. He thus encourages his new subscribers to be “intelligent” and to “ wear the mask.”

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