She has the biggest cheeks in the world and still wants to make them fat!

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, 30, has created a real buzz on the internet because of her cheekbones, which are bigger than normal. This size of the cheeks is, however, far from natural.

For four years, the young model has invested more than 2000 dollars, or about 1700 euros, in injections to make his cheeks bigger. But she does not yet seem completely satisfied with the result. Because for Anastasia, her cheeks are still “a little small.”

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Photos may appear faked. But it is by no means a filter or a photomontage. They are indeed the biggest cheeks on the planet! The person who owns them, Anastasia Pokreshchuk, is a model and influencer from Kyiv, who is followed by more than 230,000 followers on Instagram.

In recent years, this 30-year-old Ukrainian, nicknamed “Just_queen” on Instagram, has become known thanks to her huge cheekbones that she says “adores

An asset like no other

Anastasia has made a unique physical asset with her cheeks that she does not hesitate to display in her photos. His many followers were surprised by the size of his cheekbones. But it is especially the declarations of the young woman which caused the most sensation.

Because although they are big, the young Ukrainian believes that they are still “a little small” for her taste. Moreover, in one of her statements, the young woman said she would soon have to “refresh” them.

The Biggest Cheeky Woman in the World: Divided Opinions

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Anastasia Pokreshchuk has an extraordinary perception of beauty. She claims to have “fallen in love” with her cheeks after receiving injections and seeing the changes that followed.

With her huge cheeks that are her pride, she says she wants to look like that, although she fully understands that some people find it very bizarre and not everyone’s taste.

Nasty words

Indeed, his fat cheeks are not unanimous. If some find them beautiful, others do not hesitate to castigate the young woman by treating her as “ugly.” And to utter mean and hurtful words. But Anastasia says she doesn’t care.

What matters to her is her appearance, which she likes to contemplate in front of her mirror. And what we think of his look. By proudly showing off her huge cheeks, which she adores in her many photos, Anastasia clarifies to whoever wants to hear her that she is fully confident in her look and that she has a positive image of herself.

The Biggest Cheeky Woman in the World: New Surgeries Coming

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When it comes to surgery and aesthetic medicine, Anastasia Pokreshchuk knows no bounds. Indeed, the young woman admits to having undergone so many interventions for her cheeks that she lost count. Something that will not prevent him from continuing to improve his appearance. Besides, she fully intends to undergo new operations and renew her botox injections.

This can be seen clearly in the pictures Anastasia posts on her Instagram account, but her cheeks aren’t the only part that has been redone. Her lips, forehead, chin, jaw, and the corners of her mouth have also been reshaped.

Doctors’ opinion

Many people nowadays resort to cosmetic medicine, more particularly injections, to modify their appearance. However, this can have harmful effects.

Although she is aware that this can constitute a risk, the young woman rejects the doctors’ warnings out of hand. She claims that she will continue to increase her cheeks’ size, even explaining that she is taking online cosmetology training for this.

Despite the countless interventions and warnings from doctors about the dangers of self-injection, Anastasia Pokreshchuk has no plans to stop and will still make her cheekbones grow bigger, as she has said- even. But how far will the size of his cheeks go?.”

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