“Mission Impossible 7”: Tom Cruise furious about not complying with anti-COVID-19 rules

"If I see that again, you get out!", We hear the actor yelling at two members of the set who did not respect social distancing.

CINEMA – Tom Cruise is doing everything to ensure that the shooting of his next opus of “Mission Impossible” progresses despite the coronavirus and seems to have reached his limits on the non-respect of health rules and their possible consequences.

In an audio document published by British tabloid The Sun on Tuesday, December 15, the actor can be heard yelling on the sets of “Mission Impossible 7” because of the lack of social distancing of some crew members.

“We are the benchmark. They took over the shoots there in Hollywood because of us, because they believe in what we do. I’m on the phone every night with all the fucking studios, and they watch how we work to make their films ”, gets carried away, as you can hear below, the 58-year-old actor who is currently filming in the United Kingdom.

“We are creating thousands of dumb jobs. I never want to see that again, never again! ”, Exclaims the actor in front of two people he had just seen one besides the other in front of a computer, explains the magazine Variety, which is confirmed the scene.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t take the excuses anymore. I told you before, so it goes like this, if you don’t, you back off. We’re not going to stop making this fucking movie! Understood? Do you understand your responsibility? ”The actor continues.

It must be said that the film, which quickly resumed its course during the pandemic, has already experienced delays. In October, everything had to be suspended during scenes shot in Italy when more than 10 people on the sets tested positive for the coronavirus.

The storyline of the new “Mission Impossible,” shot by Christopher McQuarrie and produced by Paramount Pictures, is still top secret. Its release is expected on November 19, 2021, and another episode is also scheduled for 2022. The cast also includes Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, and Henry Czerny.

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