Why is a falcon buried directly after hunting?

The falcon is a symbol of courage, strength, pride, and the king of birds, but why is it buried immediately after it has been hunted? This is what we explain, according to what was reported by “steemit”.

Strange information, which much may not know. The first thing that is done after hunting a falcon is to bury it in the sand and pour water on it, which is not an easy process.

Why is a falcon buried directly after hunting?

The reason for this is that the falcon feels humiliated and insulted after hunting, and it reflects this feeling in it with an elevated and rapid heartbeat, which ultimately leads to the heart-bursting and death.

It has also been observed that some falcons, after their capture, harm themselves, as they pluck their feathers, which ultimately leads to their death as well, meaning that the falcons, if caught, carry out “suicide”.

For this reason, falconers only buries a falcon’s body in the sand, to calm its heartbeat, with its head forward and raised.

It is preferable for the person to move away from the falcon after hunting it, because he remembers the one who hunted it and does not erase from his memory that person who deprived him of his freedom, and he grieves whenever he looks at him, and he can die from the intensity of grief whatever he saw.

When the falcon grows and ages, its beak weakens, it corrodes its claws, its wings are heavy, and it cannot carry it, and in front of it only two solutions. Either he keeps flying to its maximum height until its strength ends and dies, or it breaks its beak and claws, plucking its wing feathers, in which case it returns as it was the first time, light, strong. As if he was born again.

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