Trump clings to allegations of election fraud despite the election victory of Biden

US President Donald Trump adhered to the allegations of fraud in the presidential elections in his first comment after the electoral college confirmed that Democrat Joe Biden had won the presidency on Monday.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump shared a report about changing the vote-counting machines, for votes he won in Michigan for Biden, and said, “This is big news.”

Trump added in the tweet that “the vote-counting machines of the (Dominion Vote Machines) company have caused disasters throughout the country. I will not allow this to happen,” referring to his intention to continue his judicial campaign to nullify the election results.

According to the report, which Trump shared, the vote-counting machines in a Michigan county counted 33% of the votes he won for his opponent, Joe Biden.

Trump’s tweet came hours after Biden won 306 votes from the electoral college, which officially determines the United States’ next president, compared to 232 votes won by Trump.

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