This warped-faced dog became a true TikTok star thanks to his ugliness!

Every year, Greyhound boxer dog Alan has become a must-see star for social networks, especially TikTok. Thousands of users follow the adventures of the animal with a disfigured face daily. Admire this star instead in the video below!

Alan, the distorted-faced dog

This stray little dog was found in Doha, Qatar, and he was only two months old. Joanna, who saved him, talks about it. “As soon as I saw Alan and his wobbling face, I knew I was going to adopt him. I was hooked on the spot,” she explained with great passion. Between the two was love at first sight! Unfortunately, not everyone found this dog particularly beautiful …

As the months go by, the dog becomes more comfortable with his new family, so much so that he becomes the little Joker on duty! “He’s so fun. He’s so loving. It’s a joy.” It was then that Joanna created an account on the TikTok social network dedicated to her dog: “Alan the Ugly Dog.” And the success story has just begun …

Tik Tok star

By creating this account for her deformed dog, Joanna wanted to encourage people to adopt rescue dogs without fear of differences. Calendar? Alan becomes essential, as he relies on TikTok with over 130,000 subscribers and over 990,000 likes. Wow!

Some users have sharply criticized the TikTok name Joanna gave to her “ugly” dog. They found her offensive when the name she gave was totally ironic. The owner said, “Haters can say whatever they want, but Alan is our dog, and we know he’s wonderful and special.” Despite this downside, netizens wrote thousands of great reviews. He became famous and recognized by almost everyone on the street! Nice revenge for this deformed dog.

Tik tokUgly dog
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