Mary Ann Rigacho pierces a pimple on her nose seeing her face disfigured

Pimples on the face, no matter how small, can sometimes get us in big trouble. And the most natural reaction one has is to pierce them so that they disappear. A trivial gesture that can, however, have serious consequences, as the story of this teenage girl proves.

17-year-old Mary Ann Regacho, living in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, had her face completely distorted after a pimple pierced her nose. Since then, the woman has been plagued by a mysterious disease, which has already altered her vision and which risks making her blind.

A small pimple that caused a big bump in the face.

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Who knew that a small pimple on your nose could make a face look completely distorted? Anyway, this is not the teenage girl and the young mother who is about to lose her eyes.

It all started when Mary Ann Rigacho smashed a button that she found a bit annoying last year. According to the bride, she believed hormonal problems had caused acne since she had just given birth to a baby. This is how I pressed that area, and it turned out to be a huge mistake.

Swollen, discolored face.

Gradually, the teenager began to feel excruciating pain. Even worse, it spread all over her face within a few days. The young woman was suffering from a mysterious disease and saw her face swollen like “soccer” and disfigured to an exaggerated degree. Gradually, the swelling reached the corner of his eyes and affected her eyesight.

Traditional solutions to treat your button-deformed face.

Thus, the teenager, somehow, tried to treat herself with medicinal plants. However, you did not notice any improvement. Even more disturbing, she still did not know the nature of her illness.

After enduring this pain for a year, the Asian girl finally decided to go to the county hospital to get rid of her illness. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much the staff could do for it. In fact, the hospital did not have enough equipment to make a diagnosis.

Treatments inaccessible to the family

So the young woman was transferred to a larger institution to treat her disfigured face. But, again, financial resources were lacking, and the family’s financial situation was rather modest. What hinders the healing of the young mother.

Mary Ann’s Husband Raises Money for Her Care.

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As Mary’s husband, Albert Sells, points out, his salary as a laborer on a neighbor’s farm is not enough. As a result, he does not have the resources to provide his wife with adequate medication and treatment.

Additionally, he took the initiative to fundraise to treat his wife’s disfigured face after a pierced pimple. He pleaded with the good Samaritans to help him take care of Mary.

Hope is allowed for this young woman whose face is disfigured with a pimple.

Likewise, he made a video, which went viral, to attract all the goodwill. Despite her grief over her face’s abnormal condition, the young woman still had a glimmer of hope. In fact, according to her, her face will probably never be the same again, but the fact that her natural vision has been restored will indeed be an excellent consolation.

It cannot be denied that mundane chores in everyday life can turn into rather dangerous chores. But even then, it was inconceivable that a pimple could deform and disfigure a young woman’s face, let alone block her eyesight.


Mary Ann Rigacho
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