Barcelona coach’s first comment on the Champions League clash with Saint Germain

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman confirmed that the draw for the 16th round of the Champions League that landed him with Paris Saint-Germain “is difficult, but the chances are equal.”

In statements to the official website of the Catalan club today, Coman said, Monday: “We know that the draw brought us in the face of a strong team. We will face Paris Saint-Germain, but it is also difficult for them because we are also a strong team. It will be a balanced exclusionary role.”

The 57-year-old added, “They want to continue the tournament, just like us. They have important players, and so do we. It will be an attractive match, whether in Barcelona or Paris.”

He continued: “Saint-Germain recently spent a lot of money to have a team that can compete for important titles such as the Champions League, and last year they reached the final, and they definitely want to be there always.”

It is noteworthy that the draw for the Champions League soccer’s final price was withdrawn earlier today, Monday, in the Swiss city of Nyon, and resulted in a fiery confrontation between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

Source: FCBarcelona / twitter

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