Shams Al-Kuwaitia inside the personal office of the Saudi king. “Watch” What do you do?

A video clip showing the artist Shams Al-Kuwaitia has spread inside the personal office of the late Saudi King Saud bin Abdülaziz.

Shams Al-Kuwaitia inside the personal office of the Saudi king

The video shows a person who was with Shams Al-Kuwaitia explaining to her about the office.

Shams said, “When you visit the office on which the decisions of states and human destinies have become, you ponder and ask: An office like this one, what happened to it, and what I signed on it.”

During her time in Saudi Arabia, Shams Al-Kuwaitia aroused the anger of the Saudis with some behavior.

Shams published a video of her trip to Saudi Arabia, where she appeared enjoying dancing with the men of the island of “Dareen” in the Kingdom, which sparked a fresh wave of controversy.

The Saudi actress Ohoud Al-Samer launched a vigorous attack on Shams Al-Kuwaitia, accusing her of interfering in Saudi affairs.

A few days ago, Saudi tweeters attacked Shams, after a video clip appeared in which she was kissing several young fans with no consideration of preventive measures from the Coronavirus.

The Saudis attacked again shams Al-Kuwaitia, who is visiting Saudi Arabia, She appeared in a video in which she said that she wanted to hold a competition for Saudi chefs. To support and show them.

Shams confirmed that she wanted from that competition to show her fans around the world and everywhere that the Saudi girl is unlike what some believe, and that the Saudi girl works as a chef, a pilot, and everything.

Some condemned Shams, who had visited Kuwait, to Saudi Arabia in the first place, wondering who imposed it on them with such force.

While some refused to support Shams for Saudi women in this way, others pointed out that it has failed in anything throughout its history, even when psychological and family counseling.

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