Famous Indian actress Arya Banerjee found bloodstained in her apartment and in a suspicious situation!

The death of the famous actress and model Arya Banerjee traumatized the artistic community in India. Her body was found lifeless in her apartment in a suspicious position beside the bed and was stained with blood.

The cause of death of Arya Banerjee, the famous Indian actress

Arya Banerjee








And local media said that the body of the 33-year-old actress, Arya Banerjee, was found, while the police began an investigation into the incident.

Arya Banerjee










A forensic team collected samples from the artist’s room to ensure that there was no criminal suspicion of her death.

Initial investigations showed that the artist lived alone in the apartment on the third floor.

Arya Banerjee










The artist’s housekeeper said that she did not answer her when she rang the house bell and her personal phone number, which raised her suspicion and suspicion. What prompted her to report to the police.

This incident is beside the series of crises that the Bollywood art community is going through.

Banerjee has acted in many popular Bollywood films, such as “The Dairy Picture” and “LSD”.


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