Seven priests received suspicious letters with the mention Allah Akbar

For the past few days, places of worship, presbyteries and parishes in several towns in Vaucluse such as L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Gordes, Aubignan or Le Thor and Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes have been under close surveillance.

The reason? Seven priests, all of African origin, received suspicious letters in their mailboxes bearing the mention “Allah Akbar.” An investigation is open.

Seven priests receive letters with the mention “Allah Akbar.”


Source: RTL

Seven priests from Vaucluse received suspicious letters by name where only the words “Allah Akbar” appeared in French and Arabic.

However, the men of the Church concerned have the particularity of being all from the African continent. “There is no doubt that only black priests are targeted. There are seven of them working in a parish, and all seven have received the same mail ”, assures Father Pascal Molemb, vicar of the Diocese.

People are.

Before adding: “We have other African priests in the diocese. But they don’t have parishes, and those haven’t received the mail. ” Which amazes more than one person!

Moreover, Roger Rossin, the mayor of Cairanne, said: “People are shocked and outraged, I can tell you. To think that in this small village of around 1,000 inhabitants, we are threatened, it is incredible “.

Priests threatened in the name of Allah: an open investigation.

Source: Christian family

Now, the investigation is underway. This, which the prosecution in Avignon entrusted to the gendarmerie’s search brigade, will have to determine the true nature of the threat.

A priest who was targeted by one of these messages with the mention of “God is Great,” for his part, confirms, “We are at present subject to more questions than in interpretation. Who did that and for what purpose.”

“A matter is taken very seriously.”

To elucidate this mystery, the Avignon gendarmerie summoned the seven priests to be heard. As for the letters, they will have to be analyzed by the scientific police.

In contrast, a source from the gendarmerie said that “these are not direct death threats. But in the context of the terrorist threat, this case is taken very seriously ”. It is not without reason that, at this stage, three complaints have been filed.

Priests receive a letter with “Allah Akbar”: new security measures.

Also, the mayor of Cairanne, Roger Rossin, went even further as he contacted two senators from the department, Alain Milon and Baptiste Blanc, to inform them of the situation. He even received a call from the President of the Senate, Gérad Larcher.

The mayor said about this: “He asked me how people feel. He wanted to take the pulse, share the burden. For him, too, this is not a normal situation. ” And to deal with it, the adoption of new measures to secure the office in Cairanne was inevitable.

“I am not afraid of myself.”

Cependant, l’un des prêtres concernés par la lettre où figurait « Allah Akbar » assure : « je n’ai pas peur pour moi. Je continuerai à vivre seul dans mon presbytère. Mais je suis responsable d’une communauté. Je dois être prudent pour les paroissiens ».

Après tout, de telles lettres sont véritablement intrigantes. Néanmoins, on ignore encore, pour l’heure, si ces courriers sont une réelle menace pour ces hommes d’Eglise. Toutefois, on ne tardera probablement pas à le découvrir, grâce notamment à l’enquête en cours.


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