Salma Al-Shimi appears in Bisha after the Pharaonic dress

It seems that the uproar that model Salma El-Shimi made through a daring photo session in the pyramids are in the pharaonic dress was not a stroke of luck to stir public opinion but was part of a deliberate plan to achieve fame in the shortest time possible.

After the champion of “Session Saqqara” Salma El-Shimi appeared for the first time wearing the Pharaonic dress in the pyramids area in a case that occupied public opinion and faced criticism of distorting the Egyptian civilization, then she appeared in red to celebrate the Al-Ahly club reaping the triple league, cup, and African championship, in a scene that angered some even that it wiped After that, hang the picture.

Finally, Salma El-Shimi appeared on social networking sites by sharing a new photo wearing the “Misha” dress known in the history of ancient Egypt, and commented, saying: “The Egyptians throughout the ages have used many different weapons, including the bisha during the gradual popular struggles.”

In the beginning, Salma El-Shimi chose for her first appearance to be in the pyramids area and to take on the symbolism of the Pharaonic dress in an appearance that sparked local and Arab controversy and preoccupied foreign news networks.

In the second appearance, she was keen to appear in red, celebrate the most popular club in the Arab world and the most successful club in the 21st century, to continue its march towards attracting more popularity.

And the last time, by using “bisha” as it symbolized for Egyptian women during the era of the monarchy and the English occupation of Egypt, she was able to attract the attention of the public, and her pictures were widely spread on social media, and the audience exchanged compliments.

From the foregoing, it seems that Salma Al-Shimi is proceeding according to a well-thought-out plan to gain fame and remain on the arena of the most searched topics on the Internet and that her fame in the Pharaonic dress should not be a stance that is folded by time, as happened with others who occupied public opinion but did not seize the opportunity.

What confirms this is that behind Salma El-Shimi is someone who plans and supports her, not only choosing the positions in which she appears while also choosing words. The last time she appeared wearing a “bisha,” her commentary on the picture contained semantic words that expressed Egyptian women’s struggle throughout the ages.

Likewise, in the appearance of Salma Al-Shimi, a qualitative shift, as she relied on the first look on her charms and wearing a costume that shows more of her body than it hides, while the second appearance of the celebration of the Al-Ahly Club was less intense than the first appearance, and in the last time, her view was limited to portraying the face only, without the rest of the body.

She showed the intense intelligence of Salma El-Shimi and whoever planned her, in her recent photos, as she deliberately limited the geographical distribution of her followers, after I asked them from Mansoura, where are you from, so comments came to her to show that her followers from different regions of Egypt and Arab countries, to help her in her work in the field of advertising and fashion.

Does the public realize the dimensions of what Salma El-Shimi is doing? Or is he just watching her pictures and flirting with her charms? Share your opinion.


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