A huge goldfish was found in an American lake for the first time in 10 years

Workers at parks and theme parks in South Carolina stumbled upon an unusual discovery during a routine water-quality test at a small Oak Grove. According to the Greenways director, the crew caught a goldfish weighing 9 pounds and about 38 centimeters in length. Natural and Historical Resources of the Greenville County Recreation District, Tay Hawk.

According to “National Geographic,” the average weight of a pet goldfish is 0.2 to 0.6 pounds, and it can reach more than 5 pounds in the wild, and its average length is from 4.7 to 16.1 inches.

Hook said that he had no idea how long the fish spent in the lake. According to CNN, South Carolina is not its home state, and Hook said the team did not see anything like a goldfish when they last studied the lake a decade ago.

To test the health of the ecosystem, officials use a method called electro-fishing, in which the fish are gently electrified (without harming them) – according to Hooke – and this forces them to float on the surface of the water so that officials can check for any signs that The water is unhealthy. “Suddenly, this gigantic fish jumped into the net, and we quickly took a picture while examining it,” Hook said.

Hook pointed out that the lake is mainly used for fishing. Fishermen are encouraged to throw fish into the lake again after catching it, and this is what the workers did with the big goldfish, and Hook said: “We think that someone threw their fish into the lake because he no longer wanted Out, rather than throwing it down the toilet. ”

The lake is not downstream of a power plant, so the large size of the fish is not related to exposure to chemicals, according to Hooke, and Hooke believes that the goldfish was eating a lot and had the opportunity to grow when placed in a larger environment such as Lake Oak Grove. , Which has an area of ​​12 acres.

The “Guinness” Book of World Records stated that the length of the longest known goldfish reached 18.7 inches (about 47.5 cm) from nose to fin, and it belongs to Joris Gigspears from the Netherlands and its weight was not mentioned. Hook said: “Goldfish grow according to the size of their environment. “The presence of a 9-pound goldfish in our lake must mean that we are doing something right,” he added.

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