Rare humans with unusual mutations

From Paul Karason, the man with the blue skin, to GaurabGarum, the child has a third arm on his back …
… here are 8 rare humans that really exist!

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Nicknamed “The Blue Man,” that is to say, “The Blue Man,” or even “Papa Smurf.” Paul Karason was a man, unlike any other. His particularity? The color of his skin was blue!

For years, Paul had taken a drug based on silver nanoparticles to treat dermatitis. This is a chronic skin condition he suffered from on his face. But, by dint of using this treatment in self-medication! Paul ended up suffering the side effects as the color of his skin turned blue!

Its appearance is most bizarre.

But our friend didn’t seem to mind so much. Indeed, he did not hesitate to accept interviews on the many television sets where he was invited.

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He then spoke of his “argyrosis,” the affection from which he suffered and which, in the beginning, had pushed him to live isolated from the rest of the world for a while before he decided to talk about it in 2008.

The one affectionately nicknamed “Papa Smurf” or “Papa Smurf” because of his blue skin and white beard died in 2013 from a heart attack. He was 62 years old.

A cyclist suffers from the loss of fat mass.


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If some people still complain about their large size and feel the need to follow a diet or to train day and night to lose pounds, Tom Staniford, him, rather wants to gain some!

This cyclist is part of the English national Paralympic team. He suffers from a sporadic genetic disease, which is caused by a unique genetic mutation. Result: this disease causes a loss of fat mass.

A sporadic case

Born at a normal weight, Tom Staniford has suffered from “PDD syndrome” from a young age. It’s a disease that very, very, very few people have these days. In December 2014, there were only less than 10 cases worldwide! And Tom Staniford is one of them.

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The young cyclist may eat very high-calorie meals; he is sure not to gain weight. Well then! This is what could make many people envy! However, even though it prevents weight gain, MDP syndrome is a severe disease as it causes a sharp increase in the level of lipids in the blood.

But also weakening of the bones, loss of hearing, and even type 2 diabetes! Illnesses that Tom Staniford suffers from today, but which do not prevent him from leading his life as normally as possible.


A strange malformation: the wrinkled child

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We are now going to see a case that for a long time represented a great medical mystery. Tomm Tevez, a young Australian born in 1993, was not a baby like the others.

When he was born, his body was covered with an amount of skin roughly equivalent to that of a 5-year-old child! He was also so wrinkled that his appearance caused a shock to his parents and the doctors who saw such a case for the first time.

Because it should be remembered, Tomm was the first child ever observed with this excess amount of skin. No one knew the real reason behind this skin problem. And for the doctors, it was therefore impossible to prescribe a suitable treatment for the little boy.

Nevertheless, the parents did not give up.

On the contrary, they continued their research to solve little Tomm’s mystery, who then had to undergo a multitude of tests and analyzes for two and a half months in a medical center. Eventually, the doctors discovered that the child had an excessively high level of hyaluronic acid.

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This acid, which is present in the skin, was indeed 100 times higher than normal! On the other hand, the doctors were able to note that there were similarities between the small Tomm and… the breed of dogs Shar Pei who has excess skin at birth!

It may sound crazy to you, but it is indeed the reality. However, since the excess skin in this breed decreases with age. So there was a chance that little Tomm would get rid of his problem as he grew older. And it was the case! With age, Tomma may have looked quite normal!

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