Google Hot Search Words in European Countries of 2020

Google Hong Kong yesterday (9th) announced the most popular search words or topics in 2020. On the same day, Google disclosed the rankings of this year’s popular searches in all regions of the world. Here, we picked the rankings of 8 European countries, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and Turkey, to see what people from these 8 countries searched this year…

This year there should be many searches related to Wufei, and in some European countries, there are many searches involving online distance learning platforms. Even if it is a person, many of the top ones are related to the epidemic, such as officials who hold briefings on the epidemic every day or celebrities suffering from martial arts.

Another hot topic in the US election. In the United States, some people used online searches to judge the people’s sentiments before the election, which they believed was an effective tool to grasp the pulse of public opinion. This seems to be proved by the number of Google searches in Europe.

In the ranking of people search, the top ten in France and Germany only see Joe Biden (Joe Biden), not Trump (Donald Trump), which is strange. On the contrary, Spain, Poland, and even Italy, which are more closely related to the United States, have two American presidential candidates listed in the top ten searches.

Also, NBA former ball Kobe Bryant crashed into the fuselage this year, which has caused great concern in Europe.

The following is the ranking of the 8 countries. The net owner never understands all 8 languages ​​or is completely familiar with the 8 national conditions. There may be errors or omissions in the translation or explanation of the words:


General search:

1) coronavirus

2) elecciones eeuu (US election)

3) classroom (should refer to Google’s online teaching platform)

4) la Liga (La Liga)

5) Kobe Bryant

6) Tigre (tiger; Google itself claims that because they launched AR this year, they can add tigers and other animals to photos, so searches have increased)

7) zoom

8) NBA

9) champions

10) tiburón (shark, the explanation is the same as a tiger)


1) Donald Trump

2) Joe Biden

3) Kim Jong Un

4) Fernando Simón (Director of the Spanish Health Emergency Coordination Center, who comes out every day to preside over the Wufei report press conference)

5) Boris Johnson

6) Dani Rovira (Spanish actor, should be related to his declaration of cancer this year)

7) Kamala Harris

8) Carmen Calvo (Deputy Prime Minister of Spain)

9) Ortega Smith (Secretary-General of Vox, a Spanish far-right party)

10) Ester Expósito (Spanish actress, it is reported that her hot photos on IG attract people from all over the world)

United Kingdom

General search:

1) Coronavirus

2) US election

3) Caroline Flack (British TV and radio host, died suddenly this year, and later ruled that he committed suicide)

4) Coronavirus symptoms

5) Coronavirus update

6) Premier League

7) Boris Johnson

8) Eat Out to Help Out (a restaurant assistance program launched in the summer in the UK, which subsidizes half of the restaurant’s meal expenses, up to £10 per person per meal)

9) Kobe Bryant

10) Kim Jong-un

Celebrities (still alive):

1) Phillip Schofield (Veteran British TV host, came out this year, but has a wife)

2) Carole Baskin (an activist for the rights of cats in the United States, filmed a set of documentary Tiger King on Netflix this year)

3) Joe Exotic (an American zookeeper who was convicted of murdering multiple animals in recent years and was mentioned in Tiger King)

4) Jordan North (Hosted by British Radio)

5) Elon Musk (Tesla boss)

6) Prince Harry

7) Kanye West

8) Ruthie Henshall (British singer and dancer, participated in a live show this year)

9) Johnny Depp (He has had disputes with his ex-wife and the media about reports of “he beat his wife” in recent years. He denied that he had beaten his wife)

10) Tom Hanks (American actor, may be related to his diagnosis of Wufei this year)


General search:

1) Coronavirus

2) Attestation Covid (Covid certificate paper, this certificate is required to go out during the lockdown period)

3) Election américaine (US election)

4) Coronavirus conseils (prevention advice)

5) PS5

6) Attestation de déplacement our smartphone (proof paper for going out on the mobile phone)

7) Coronavirus Italie (Italian Wufei)

8) Kobe Bryant

9) Symptome Coronavirus (Martial lung disease symptom)

10) Roland Garros (French Tennis Open; France calls the French Open Roland Garros, which is the name of the stadium where the event is held)

political figure:

1) Benjamin Griveaux (candidate for the mayor of Paris, the ruling party, but withdrew because of a pornographic video, see the previous article )

2) Joe Biden

3) Jean Castex (Current Prime Minister of France)

4) Kim Jong Un

5) Boris Johnson

6) Edouard Philippe (Former Prime Minister of France)

7) Patrick Devedjian (French central-right politician, died after contracting martial arts in spring)

8) Dupont Moretti (the French Minister of Justice who took office this year)

9) Kamala Harris

10) Gérald Darmanin (this year was transferred from the Minister of Public Administration and Accounts to Minister of the Interior)


General search:

1) Coronavirus

2) US Wahl (US General Election)

3) Wetter morgen (the weather tomorrow)

4) Wirecard (a payment technology company that closed down this year due to fraudulent accounts)

5) Biotech Aktie (BioNTech stock; the Wufei vaccine jointly developed by this German company and Pfizer has been approved for use in the UK)

6) Kobe Bryant

7) iPhone 12

8) Disney Plus

9) PS5

10) Joe Biden


1) Joe Biden

2) Boris Johnson

3) Kim Jong-un

4) Laura Müller (a girl who participated in many live shows in Germany)

5) Michael Wendler (German singer, this year was revealed to have been dating Laura Müller, who was 28 years younger, and attracted attention)

6) Kamala Harris

7) Attila Hildmann (German vegetarian cook who led the anti-epidemic campaign many times this year)

8) Claudia Obert (German entrepreneur, also keen to participate in the live show)

9) Sonja Kirchberger (Austrian actor and dancer, often participating in TV dance competitions)

10) Melania Trump


General search:

1) Coronavirus

2) Elezioni USA (US election)

3) Classroom (should refer to Google’s online teaching platform)

4) WeSchool (WeSchool, a software platform used to assist online education, popular in Italy)

5) Nuovo Dpcm (new decree, every time there is a change in the level of epidemic prevention measures in a region, the Prime Minister must sign a new decree)

6) Diego Armando Maradona

7) Kobe Bryant

8) Meet (refers to Google Meet software?)

9) Contagi (infection cases)

10) Protezione Civile (this agency coordinates civil Defense Agency, Italy for epidemic prevention work)


1) Alex Zanardi (Italian racer, who had a serious accident during the race this year and is still in a coma)

2) Silvia Romano (Italian overseas volunteer who was kidnapped in Kenya two years ago, was released this year and returned to China and has now converted to Islam)

3) Donald Trump

4) Joe Biden

5) Giuseppe Conte (Prime Minister of Italy)

6) Kim Jong-un

7) Boris Johnson

8) Kamala Harris

9) Rula Jebreal (Israeli/Italian Palestinian journalist and foreign affairs commentator)

10) Elon Musk

General search in Sweden : (cannot find the search ranking of relevant people in Sweden)

1) Coronavirus

2) USA-valet (US election)

3) Folkhälsomyndigheten (Swedish Public Health Agency)

4) Paolo Roberto (Swedish star, arrested this year for prostitution; prostitution is illegal in Sweden)

5) Coronavirus Sverige (Sweden Wufei)

6) Adam Alsing (hosted by Swedish TV and radio, died this year after contracting Wufei)

7) Joe Biden

8) Kobe Bryant

9) Disney Plus

10) Corona symptom


General search:

1) Koronawirus (coronavirus)

2) Koronawirus w Polsce (Coronavirus in Poland)

3) Wybory USA (US election)

4) Koronawirus porady (coronavirus advice)

5) Google Classroom (Google’s online teaching platform)

6) Microsoft Teams (Microsoft’s video conferencing software)

7) Koronawirus mapa (coronavirus map)

8) 365 dni (Polish porn, has been on Netflix, it is reported that many Hong Kong subscribers have watched it)

9) Joe Biden

10) Kobe Bryant


1) Joe Biden

2) Kobe Bryant

3) Paweł Królikowski (famous Polish actor and producer behind the scenes of film and television, died this year, at the age of 58)

4) Iga Świątek (Polish tennis player who won the French Open women’s singles this year and was the first Polish to win one of the Grand Slam events)

5) Rafał Trzaskowski (Mayor of Warsaw, he lost in the presidential race this year)

6) Donald Trump

7) Kim Dzong Un (Kim Jong Un)

8) Dariusz Gnatowski (Polish actor, died this year after contracting martial arts)

9) Krzysztof Bosak (Member of the Polish far-right party, contending for the presidential throne this year, but was out of the first round of voting)

10) Ewa Żarska (a well-known Polish investigative reporter who committed suicide this year, at the age of 45)


General search:

1) EBA (an online educational TV program produced by the Turkish Ministry of Education, this year was used to assist in-home classes)

2) Dolar Kaç TL (1 U.S. dollar is equal to Turkish Lira; the exchange rate of Lira has risen and fallen sharply this year)

3) Corona Virüsü (Coronavirus)

4) Deprem (earthquake)

5) Zoom

6) HES Kodu Alma (to obtain the HES code, if you are making a long-distance trip in Turkey, you must first obtain the HES code to prove that you are not infected with martial arts)

7) Kandilli Rasathanesi (Kandilli Observatory, the main observatory for earthquake, weather, and astronomy in Turkey)

8) Sokağa Çıkma Yasağı (curfew)

9) Sağlık Bakanlığı (Turkish Ministry of Health)

10) ABD Seçimleri (American election)


1) Fahrettin Koca (Minister of Health of Turkey)

2) Berat Albayrak (the son-in-law of President Erdogan, who resigned as finance minister last month, the Turkish lira rose in response)

3) Ebru Şallı (famous Turkish actress, multi-periodic development such as TV and book publishing)

4) Ellen Page (a Canadian actor who recently disclosed his transgender identity and hopes that everyone will treat him as a male)

5) Alaattin Çakıcı (Turkish gang elder, has a certain connection with the current government, the authorities released him and a group of prisoners this year on the grounds of epidemic prevention, causing controversy)

6) Fatih Terim (the leader of the Turkish Football Club Galatasaray)

7) Lütfi Elvan (New Turkish Finance Minister)

8) Sercan Yıldırım (Turkish football player)

9) Halil Sezai (famous Turkish male singer and actor, arrested this year in a fight with an elderly neighbor, widely reported)

10) Nihat Hatipoğlu (famous Turkish Islamic theologian who suffered from martial art this year and his condition was under speculation)

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