Matt Pokora responds to Aya Nakamura attacks

On November 8, Matt Pokora was crowned best French artist at the 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards, notably against Vitaa, Soprano, and Aya Nakamura. The latter was also very surprised and did not fail to let it be known.

Invited this Monday, December 7, at the Touche plateau, not at my post! Matt Pokora has finally responded to the criticisms of Djadja’s interpreter.

Matt Pokora responds to Aya Nakamura in TPMP


Last November, visibly annoyed at not winning an award at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Aya Nakamura openly attacked Matt Pokora via social media. “He won for what sounds? Nothing against him, but he’s not even in the top 10, “she wrote on Twitter. Before quickly deleting his message.

So, this Monday, December 7, Matt Pokora took advantage of his visit to Touche pas à mon poste to finally respond to the attacks of Aya Nakamura, the most listened to singer in the world on Spotify. Indeed, he said, “where she makes a mistake is when she talks about the top 10”.

Aya Nakamura is wrong.

“The top 10 streaming, I’m not there. On the other hand, the physical top 10, I am there, and the top 10 filling tours, I have been there for 17 years “. He explains that the MTV Europe Music Awards voting system has opposed “two generations” of consumers. One is very loyal and has been following him since 2003, and the other “has been there for 3 years and is very streamed”.

Matt Pokora settles accounts with Aya Nakamura.

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Smiling at the journalist in front of him while remaining impassive, Matt Pokora sends a direct spade to Aya Nakamura. “The problem with streaming audiences is that it’s also a lot of tourists, it’s people who don’t necessarily buy. They have a subscription, they click ”.

For him, the community of Aya Nakamura is less engaged than his. He clarified, “The problem with streaming audiences is that it’s a lot of tourists.”

” It’s trendy.”

Before adding: “This is the buzz right now, so she has a lot of people listening to her, that’s for sure. But when we sell 500,000 albums, three-quarters of which are streaming. We cannot guarantee that 400,000 super loyalists will vote. ”

Matt Pokora “hurt” by Aya Nakamura’s words?

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Matt Pokora, Christina Million’s husband, is not slacking off and is continuing to do so. In fact, he prides himself on having a more loyal following: “Me when I have 300,000, I have 300,000 who vote like bullies”.

And that’s the rule of the game in this kind of awards ceremony, he says. He recalls, driving the point home: “In fact, it’s not a question of who hits the mark the most, but of the most motivated, the most mobilized public.”

Do I still need to justify myself?

Also, Cyril Hanouna, the presenter of TPMP, asked him if he had been “hurt” by the remarks made by Aya Nakamura. To this, Matt Pokora replied: “Well, no! In fact, I don’t need to justify myself. Do I still need to justify myself after 17 years of numbers that I do or not? “.

This seems to be very clear, but for once, we dare not imagine now what Aya Nakamura will be able to answer her.

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