12 most inappropriate moments in sport

A supporter who throws himself on a tennis player to kiss her, a cameraman with wandering eyes, a referee who gets his eye out.


..prepare yourself to see the 12 most inappropriate times in sport!

Aubameyang drops FA Cup trophy

Source: Youtube

It seems that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not as skilled with his hands as with his feet! The Gabonese, who was skillful in front of a goal with a brace for Arsenal’s victory in the FA Cup final against Chelsea, had the cup overturned just as he was lifting it to celebrate his victory with the set of its team members as tradition dictates.

Too embarrassing a situation.

Indeed, while he was entrusted with “the heavy” task of lifting the trophy, the former player of Dortmund and Saint-Etienne dropped the “grail” after having struggled to seize it, and this in front of the desperate eyes of his teammates.

Source: fr24news

Fortunately, he didn’t have any damage, but the scene made the crowd laugh, with a few players who took their heads in amazement, like David Luiz.

Looking at the footage, something tells me that this “little blunder” committed by the Gunners captain was obviously planned. Anyway, it has had its effect, without causing the slightest scratch on the trophy, that’s the main thing!

A fan wants to destabilize the player.

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What can destabilize a basketball player just before scoring his basket? Hmm… let’s see… A screaming child? A woman who fainted? In any case, a fan has found a tactic, although it unfortunately or (fortunately for Jackie Manuel) did not work!

In 2003, during a basketball game, a fan decided to undress in the stands and play the puppet right in front of player Jackie Manuel, as he was about to score his basket.

But it took a lot more to destabilize the player who determined to score his basket, ended up registering it thanks to his unwavering concentration! In any case, the scene is absolutely hilarious, although very inappropriate for such an important moment as this one!

Johnny Walker in an awkward situation

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There are different ways to celebrate victories in sport: a big group hug with your teammates, a sprint from one end of the field to the other, or even a little dance of joy like the one you will see! Except that this one ended very badly! Pictures!

On a Saturday night in Las Vegas, the UFC featured a fight between Brazilian Johnny Walker and Russian Misha Cirkunov. This ended with the victory of the Brazilian.

The two players had offered the public a spectacular fight, which notably earned Johnny Walker a performance bonus for the evening. However, the 28-year-old will now have to learn to control his emotions and deal with his excess of joy.

So this is an inappropriate moment in sport.

As he celebrated his victory over Cirkunov, the MMA fighter decided to give the crowd a salute before performing his famous earthworm dance.

And the least we can say is that he miscalculated his move. Because at the time of dropping to the ground, Walker dislocated his left shoulder and was sentenced to a 4-week suspension. Ouch, I wouldn’t have liked to be in his place!

In any case, 4 weeks of convalescence was enough for him to take some dance lessons and improve his steps! Next time, he will dance the waltz with his rival to celebrate his victory, less athletic, of course… but also less risky!


Beh that must hurt a lot!

Source: Youtube

What is worse for a football player than losing their match? Answer: violently take the goal post in the crotch; believe me, it hurts even more!

22 years ago, on October 4, 1998, during a football match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield, ex-Liverpool star Phil Babb made the country, in this case, the male population, wince after the player slipped quite… painful!

This is called an awkward situation.

Indeed, in the midst of the race for the goal, the Republic of Ireland’s former international was instructed to return to the surface to stop Pierluigi Casiraghi’s attempt at goal.

The defender then attempted a tackle and slipped at the last minute to land abruptly on the goal post, right on his private parts.

A harrowing moment was experienced by Babb, who immediately turned face down on the ground waiting for help to come and relieve him! It is said that even today, the player has still not recovered!


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