Soulking and DJ Snack: two Algerians who won the NRJ awards in France – (photo and video)

Two Algerians took the podium at the NRj Awards for Music in France. The international star Abdel Raouf Draghi, known as “Sulking,” and the French international DJ of Algerian origins, “Dj Snake.”

“Soolking,” with artist “Dago”, crowned the “NRG Music Awards” with his song “Milligan,” for the best singing duo in France for the current year, and they managed to get the most votes.

After the coronation, which is the first of its kind in his artistic career, in a post on his official Facebook page, he thanked all his team for their work: “Thank you, thank you, thank you, it is really wonderful, my team you are the best, thanks for this gift … It is my prize First.

Sulking is considered a singing phenomenon that managed to win millions of fans and followers of his performance. His albums achieved great success and achieved millions of views on YouTube. He was able to achieve success despite his difficult beginning when he was living illegally in France.

At the same ceremony, the French international DJ, who hails from Algeria, won the “DJ of the Year” award for the third time at the NRG Awards Ceremony.

After the coronation, DJ Snack expressed his happiness, especially since he won the award for the third time in a row. Corona.

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