Incredible pictures … an African tribe whose men “groom and dance” and women choose their husbands

The famous AfricanWodaabe” tribe is one of the strangest tribes with strange customs in Central Africa. Perhaps their strangest customs appear in an annual festival held for a week. Let’s explore together the details of this tribe.

The tribe is considered one of the oldest tribes in the world, and it is one of the “Fulani” tribes, which live in parts of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Central Africa, and Niger, and it has preserved its primitive heritage to this day.

The tribe is one of the nomadic tribes in the desert of Africa. The Tuaregs share the region, but each of them has its own way of life and primitive legacies that are full of strange and unimaginable wonders.

The tribe which is near to the capitals of several African countries, still views its men as the best among all the men of the earth, and their poems and songs describe them with natural beauty, and the tribe sings to them enthusiastic songs for contests in the application of colors and cosmetics.

It is a natural thing to see a man in them holding a mirror and sitting to adorn and perfume, and besides that, the man’s teeth must be white, and they think that shiny eyes and sharp noses are signs of beauty that they are distinguished by.

The “Wodaabe” tribe annually organizes the “Jeriol” festival, which means ” the kings of beauty “. It is held in September of every year at the end of the rainy season. The festival lasts for seven days and eight nights in a location in the desert between Niger and Chad, where men dance in front of women. After preparing for seven hours to get the approval and acceptance of one of them for marriage, while women compete for the most beautiful of men, and choose from them, and in most cases they fall into the clutches of marriage early.

One of their customs is that the people of the tribe do not take part in these rituals by foreigners, as they are reserved only for the tribe, and usually women, after hard work in cultivation and harvesting, prepare for this celebration because they wait for these celebrations every year and because they like to look at the most handsome men of the tribe in their eyes when they decorate and dance for them.


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