YouTuber lets his girlfriend die live for a donation of $ 1000

Russian internet users are in shock after witnessing the death of Youtubeur’s girlfriend, Stas Reshetnikov, while it was life. The most shocking remains the fact that it is at the origin of the young woman’s death.

As incredible as it may seem, the YouTuber agreed for $ 1,000 to leave his girlfriend outside in her underwear when the temperatures were freezing.

The youtube takes up a challenge and lets his girlfriend die.

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Subscribers of YouTuber Stas Reshetnikov, nicknamed Reeflay, will never forget the day of December 2, 2020. The latter attended the scene where the YouTuber leaves his girlfriend, Valentina Grigoryeva, to die alive. Indeed, while he was doing life with his girlfriend in their living room, Stas happily quarreled with her.

This is how a subscriber came up with the idea of ​​offering him $ 1,000 to kick his girlfriend out in his underwear. A suggestion that a YouTuber didn’t hesitate for a second, as it was used to tackle strange challenges presented by subscribers for money. However, another version maintains that the YouTuber would have “punished” his girlfriend because he found that she “smelled bad” because of an intestinal infection.

1000 dollars at the cost of a lifetime

What is certain is that he immediately accepted the challenge and put his girlfriend outside in the cold while she was in her underwear. And the worst, the YouTuber remained unmoved by the many calls for help from his girlfriend and continued his flow.

The farce took a disturbing turn

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It was only after she had stopped knocking on the door that he decided to get her. However, December’s negative temperatures in Russia got the better of the young woman, already unconscious when the YouTuber arrived. Desperate after finding his girlfriend’s limp body, Reeflay brought it back inside to keep her warm.

Thus, it is under the worried and helpless looks of the televiewers that the YouTuber tried somehow to bring back to life his girlfriend, whom he left to die outside. You could see Reeflay totally distraught, calling his girlfriend by her nickname, hoping she would wake up. Alas, it was too late. Valentina no longer made any sign of life.

An unexpected death

After many attempts, the YouTuber turned to his community to tell them that he did not feel his girlfriend’s pulse and that she was pale and not breathing. It was some time after that help arrived, and I noticed the death of Valentina Grigoryeva. The young woman was 28 years old.

An ongoing investigation to determine Valentina’s death

Source: dailymail

Faced with the sudden death of the woman, an investigation was opened to determine the exact cause. And after betting on several hypotheses, including hypothermia, overdose, the investigators turned to another lead.

Further examinations requested by police revealed the victim had a closed craniocerebral injury. She also had bruises and a subdural hematoma, which suggests that Stas Reshetnikov hit the woman off-camera.

The YouTuber who let his girlfriend die will answer for his actions.

In any case, the investigation is still ongoing to shed light on this macabre affair. Meanwhile, Stas Reshetnikov has been charged with murder. He is “accused of having deliberately inflicted serious bodily harm, which resulted in the death of his partner.” And the testimonies collected show that the young man subjected his girlfriend to a real ordeal. But she refused to leave the violent and angry YouTuber because she “loved” him.

For the moment, the YouTuber seems to be in denial about the death of his girlfriend. Indeed, he maintains that he did nothing and called for help to try to save her.

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