Most notably, Remix .. Instagram is launching new features for users

According to leaks, Instagram is working on releasing several different features over the coming weeks, including the Remix feature integrated into the recently launched Reels feature, which is short 15-second video capture.


According to Digital Information World, the Remix or Remix feature will allow users to create music videos and download and combine them with other videos. The Remix feature can be disabled at any time through the settings option.

The other feature will be the Broadcast Audience or the broadcast audience, which will enable users to restrict live viewing, whether public or private, in the public setting, which means that followers will receive notifications as soon as the live broadcast starts.

Still, if the video is private, the followers will not be notified, as it can invite people to join the live broadcast.

The launch of the two new features will be in addition to the Watch Together feature recently launched by Instagram. You can watch videos on IGTV, Reels, TV shows, and popular videos in real-time on Instagram with friends during video chats.

And recently, Instagram launched the Vanish Mode feature, or fade-out mode, which, when activated, will enable Instagram users to send texts, images, voice messages, emojis, and stickers that disappear immediately as soon as the other party leaves the chat, and this feature will be activated only for followers on Instagram.

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