The company buys people’s faces to make 3D masks.

Have you ever imagined seeing your face on every corner? Or a world filled with faces similar to yours? Terrifying, isn’t it? And yet, it is this “privilege” that a Japanese company offers.

It offers to buy the faces of Internet users to make hyper-realistic 3D masks. A concept subject to many criticisms at a time when data confidentiality is more than topical.

Realistic masks made with real faces

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A company called Kamenya Omoto is on everyone’s lips in Tokyo. Indeed, it launched the That Face project, which consists of producing realistic 3D masks from real faces.

Yes, realistic masks we see every day, you would say. But the company’s particularity is that it intends to buy the faces of real people wishing to participate in the project.

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This concept had already been launched in 2011 by a company called REAL-F but had not succeeded. So, one might think that just by hearing the project, many are discouraged or bewildered. But this is without knowing our Japanese friends who are already used to bizarre facts. Since this announcement, we have witnessed a growing interest from the Japanese, which ended up overflowing.

The offer is so abundant that the company has decided to make a selection of faces by lottery. For clarification, anyone based in Tokyo and over 20 years old can offer to sell their faces to the company. Simultaneously, the latter requires that the persons selected not reveal their identity in any way.

An estimated selling price of $ 750

The Japanese company also plans to sell its realistic masks at an exorbitant price of 78,000 yen, or 750 dollars. And for the successful masks, the company plans to donate a share of the profits. This explains, even more, the growing interest that the Japanese have in the company’s proposal.


The controversial project for confidentiality concerns

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Although this is a major innovation, it must be said that the That Face project is also at the center of controversy. And the reasons for this controversy relate to the notion of confidentiality, especially with the recent debate on the Tiktok application.

On the other hand, this project is seen as a real problem because an individual can wear another person’s face to commit a crime. Indeed, a study has shown that people sometimes have difficulty distinguishing a real face from a realistic mask.

The company reassures

In response to the many concerns, the company says it is committed not to disclose personal data. However, the doubt persists.

In any case, the project of the Kamenya Omoto company remains quite strange for some. In fact, the idea that some people can hide their identity with these masks and cause problems for the faces’ owners is really creepy.

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