Mysterious accident | The decapitated body of an American soldier was found, with two eyes removed

In an accident surrounded by mysteries and mysteries, the body of a 21-year-old American soldier named “Enrique Roman Martinez” was found beheaded and without eyes on a US beach.

The US police discovered the remains of a former American soldier’s body on a beach in the Shackelford Banks area in Carteret County, South Carolina, where the remains of the soldier’s body were identified through his teeth, according to military investigations conducted about the victim.

According to the Daily Star, the forensic report after an autopsy at the Brody School of Medicine said there were many cuts to the neck and cervical vertebrae.

The forensic report indicated that how the soldier died has not yet been determined, as the rest of his body was not found, to determine the horrific nature of the soldier’s death that is difficult to describe.

The victim was camping with seven soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Headquarters Division, the Engineer Battalion of the 37th Brigade, 2nd Brigade Combat Team. When he disappeared, he left behind his mobile phone, wallet, shirt, and glasses that he wore all day.

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